Modular office workstations

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Modular Workstations & Office Cubicle Systems

OfficeModulePro manufactures panel-based modular workstations that have a full height aluminum powder coated partition with a sandwich type of board in different shades. Its main advantage lies in the fact that it provides complete flexibility in terms of electrical wiring with 1 or 2 waterways along the entire length, integrated into the same section. The color combinations of the fabric, board and trim make it very attractive. Provides a sense of complete privacy as well. Intervals are offered in 45 mm or 60 mm thickness, with a glass option at the top of the section to look more attractive and transparent. Above the table top, options Fabric Fabric Board, Magnetic Board, White Board Marker or Frosted Glass Marker Board are available.

  • 60 mm panel based Curvilinear Workstation
  • 60 mm panel based Linear workstation
  • 30 mm panel based curvilinear workstation
  • 30mm panel based linear workstation

Work smart and get things done by adding office units and office workstations to your office or business space. Typical workstations create a positive workplace environment for offices everywhere by facilitating collaboration with co-workers.

"Featuring high-efficiency designs, these workstations are an incredibly popular choice for offices everywhere."

These work units can also help create individual workspaces for any employee. Adding workstations and modules to your office makes it easier to use more than valuable space. The key to office units is adaptable furniture. Each unit unit unit can be set up alone or configured with other pieces in a series to create a collaborative workspace. Many of these office cubicles consist of modular computer desks, modular office walls, and desktop jumps.

people together. Maximize your team's intimacy and encourage cooperative teamwork with office units. Instead of having team members or affiliates working in different areas of the office, why not bring them together and make them work side by side to maximize productivity?

The modular work units provide enough room for several people and room to expand, while also retaining the characteristics of one office you expect for personal work space. These offices feature a wide area of maneuver around, complemented by a large area of the desktop space and large areas of storage. Find the perfect model to bring to your workplace today!