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30 MM, 50 MM, 60 MM series

OfficeModulePro manufactures panel-based modular workstations that have a full height aluminum powder coated partition with a sandwich type of board in different shades. Its main advantage lies in the fact that it provides complete flexibility in terms of electrical wiring with 1 or 2 waterways along the entire length, integrated into the same section. The color combinations of the fabric, board and trim make it very attractive. Provides a sense of complete privacy as well. Intervals are offered in 45 mm or 60 mm thickness, with a glass option at the top of the section to look more attractive and transparent. Above the table top, options Fabric Fabric Board, Magnetic Board, White Board Marker or Frosted Glass Marker Board are available.

We provide office workstation in following major categories:

  • 60 mm panel based Curvilinear Workstation
  • 60 mm panel based Linear workstation
  • 30 mm panel based curvilinear workstation
  • 30mm panel based linear workstation